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A podcast by Clear Function.

Clear Function is a group of happy engineers based in Memphis, TN. We partner with visionaries to bring their ideas to life.
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    36: Balancing Code and Meetings

    On this episode, Ben, Mo, Daniel, and Jesse discuss the nature of doing development work that is not strictly writing code all the time. They try to find the appropriate balance between time spent coding and time spent in meetings. This topic includes some great tips on how to do meetings efficiently and effectively. There's even a rousing few minutes about what defines a meeting.

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    35: Alexa & Voice Development

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, and Ben discuss all the recent hype around your favorite voice assistant speakers. They talk through the reasons for current spikes in popularity of voice speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home. Most importantly, the engineers discuss how to develop for and take advantage of these new and exciting platforms.

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    34: How to Present at Tech Conferences

    On this episode, Daniel, Mo, Brian, and Ben discuss the necessary steps toward becoming a presenter at a tech conference. This includes selecting a conference, choosing a topic, crafting an abstract, mastering the topic, preparing a slide deck, and giving the presentation. Listen in for specific presentation tips and tricks!

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    33: How and When to Invest in R&D

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, and Brian talk about research and development and its place in an agency. In addition to defining R&D, they discuss how to manage and spend research time well. This conversation also includes more on how to keep up with articles and technologies, which is expanded from a previous episode, namely "10: Should I Learn this New Technology?".

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    32: DevOps: Scaling Out or Scaling Up?:

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, and Mo embark on the final episode in our DevOps series. Specifically, the topic is scaling to handle additional load for a site in production. Do you handle the traffic by buying more servers or by growing existing servers?

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    31: Chatbot Skills with Daniel Pritchett

    On this episode, our very own chatbot expert, Daniel Pritchett, joins Mo and Ben to discuss chat as a service. While there is a lot of hype around chatbots recently, these engineers decode chat as a platform and engage in all kinds of fun along the way. Listen in to hear about the implicit increases in efficiency, knowledge sharing, and time savings that can come with chatbots. Also, look out for Daniel’s talk at Southeast Ruby in October and his upcoming book!

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    30: Application Hosting with DevOps in "The Cloud"

    On this episode, Ben, Daniel, Jesse, and Mo discuss the cloud and application hosting. The conversation includes services such as Heroku, Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Listen in to hear about how developers make the decision to use platform as a service or infrastructure as a service to manage and host their applications.

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