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A podcast by Clear Function.

Clear Function is a group of happy engineers based in Memphis, TN. We partner with visionaries to bring their ideas to life.
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    019: Customer-First Service and Support for Product Teams

    On this episode, Ben, Daniel, and Stephen discuss the important and often diverse tasks of supporting people using software products. The conversation includes getting feature requests, bug reports, and questions about how best to use the product. The team even dialogues over a specific, recent feature request from a customer via Twitter. Also, what role does empathy play in customer support? Listen in to learn how we manage priorities in a customer-first product business.

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    018: Why and How We Review Code as a Team

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, Mo, and Brian discuss the importance of reviewing code. What are some good tools for the code review process? How early is too early to get feedback on your code? Listen in to here answers to these questions and more. And, we introduce the "It Depends" bell on this one!

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    017: Diving into Unfamiliar Code

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, Brian, and Mo give some pro tips on how to handle large, existing codebases which may be very unfamiliar to a new developer. These four engineers speak from personal experience on projects where ground must be covered quickly. This episode is largely a response to a listener's question via Twitter! Thanks to Jimmy Turner for listening and writing in.

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    016: How to Write Code that Doesn't Smell

    On this episode, Daniel, Jesse, Mo, and Ben discuss the importance of writing good code. Hear four engineers talk specifically and technically about this topic. The conversation includes the infamous "code smell" concept as well as many other things that go beyond the linter in writing code.

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    015: The Trouble with Estimating

    On this episode, Ben, Daniel, Jesse, and Mo discuss the tricky job of estimating work. Though the task can be difficult, it is absolutely essential to software engineering for the benefit of others. Listen to the group work through various elements of estimating from what is involved, how to do it, and what do to when you get it wrong.

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    014: Mentoring Aspiring Coders

    On this episode, Daniel, Brian, and Keith discuss the nuances of starting out as a new programmer, particularly as an adult. They talk through different resources and strategies which will be helpful given various backgrounds. How do you get started programming? Which language should you start with and at what kind of company will you thrive? Do you have friends who ask you these questions and more? Listen in and find out!

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    013: Building Robust and Supportable Systems

    On this episode, Daniel, Brian, Mo, and Jesse talk about building robust and supportable production systems. It's a timely topic near the holidays because some new issues can arise during year change. Listen in for some helpful pro tips and work smarter for your future self and colleagues.

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    012: So You Think You Can Code

    On this episode, Ben, Mo, Daniel, and Jesse talk about what to expect when you're expecting to code. Listen in as they identify and discuss many of the essential, non-programming aspects of developer jobs. Topics include communication, source control, working with non-technical people, continual improvement, and more! If you are currently coding, wanting to code, or striving to be better at coding, this episode is for you.

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    010: Should I Learn this New Technology?

    On this episode, Daniel, Mo, and Brian discuss the when and how of learning new technologies. From programming languages to tooling, these engineers help you make the tough decisions about spending your precious time learning new things. Join them as they try to find the balance!

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